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The Beacon – April 2022

Dear friends, welcome to our new look monthly newsletter
which has been renamed “The Beacon” to match our brandnew
missional strap-line for 2022 and beyond: Being beacons
for Jesus and making him known. What is a beacon? A beacon
is defined as ‘a signal fire commonly on a hill, tower, or
pole….and a source of light or inspiration’ (Source: Merriam
Webster’s Online Dictionary.) A beacon gives light and is a guide to those who
see it burning and draws them to the place where it is burning. It is a source of
light or inspiration to those who are in darkness. Whitehouse BC is a beacon –
a hub or central meeting point in the community – a place of faith, hope and
love to which people can be drawn to like a moth drawn to a light or a naked
flame. The great thing is that Jesus is our beacon – he is our source of light and
inspiration. Jesus is the light of the world, and He instructs us in Matthew
5:14-16 to be lights or beacons for him in the world: ¹⁴ You are the light of the
world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. ¹⁵ Neither do you light a
candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it gives light to all
in the house. ¹⁶ Let your light so shine before others, that they may see your
good deeds, and glorify your Father in heaven. I have purposely used an older
[but slightly amended] translation from the King James Bible because it talks
about not hiding our light under a bushel [or a bucket.] Why? Well, while Jesus
is talking here about not hiding our light – our faith and instead letting it shine
before others, His words have since inspired a well-known proverb: Don’t hide
your light under a bushel. This has also come to mean do not conceal your
talents and abilities. So, to be beacons for Jesus we are to let our light shine
before others – our faith in Jesus and use our gifts and talents that God gives us.
We are to not hide them under a bushel so that others can see the reason for
our faith through our loving words and actions – that God is at
work and shines through us. I enclose a photo of our first
beacon as a source of light and inspiration for you. These are
Angela’s beautifully knitted Angels which are being displayed
on a tree and are freely available in the local hairdressers in
exchange for a small donation and the monies being raised are
helping to fund community projects like the defibrillator – a
great example of how we can be beacons for Jesus and to make
him known.

So, I leave you with a little challenge – wouldn’t it be great to have an example of
being a beacon each month? So, if you have something to share – a little story and
photo of something you have done or have made that has revealed the light and
faith that we have in Jesus, please pass this on either to myself or Colin so we can
share it with everyone. We pray give thanks for the Whitehouse church family and
fellowship and for its diversity and gifts and talents. We remember and pray for
those who are finding life tough at the moment due to health, financial, work, family
and relationship concerns. May they and you know God’s peace, strength, comfort,
and love in the days ahead.
Blessings and love,