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Quiet Word – Summer 2019

Debbie and I have just celebrated our second wedding anniversary in a hotel that boasts an ‘estuary view’. It lived up to its name: the tidal waters rushed in and then ebbed away. The expression ‘time and tide wait for no man’ was so visibly true. No matter how desperate we might be to change this, it simply doesn’t happen.

The Bible invites us to step back and to be aware of the ever moving forward of ‘his story’. What began ‘in the beginning’ is moving at God’s timing ever towards the return of Jesus Christ – and even that will not be the end of the story!

As a church family, we are part of that ever developing, moving story. We are part of God’s story: today is not the same as yesterday, and tomorrow will not be the same as today. The challenge beckons us to discovering God’s will for the present. This requires being close to God and to each other. Jesus prayed for this oneness – he knew how important it would be.

Around the wider Baptist family, and indeed among other denominations, there are changes happening that wouldn’t have been dreamt possible in my youth! There’s a vibrancy about personal discipleship. There’s an openness to different ways of ‘being church’ – transformation is taking place in worship services; different ways of church life and practice are being explored. And story after story is revealing that the Gospel is being proclaimed, people are discovering faith in Jesus Christ, and his people are ‘enjoying’ spiritual refreshment and renewal.

I believe God is calling us into a process of change. During these summer months, let us wait upon God in prayer, attending to what He is saying to us and together responding obediently.

May you know the good hand of God on your life to bring light, healing, hope, peace and joy as we pilgrim with God.

Blessings and love