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Quiet Word September 2019

A year has many ‘fresh start’ points. January has its resolutions (maybe better to see them as ‘renewed commitments’). Spring, with its focus on Easter, brings renewed wonder at God’s incredible love for each of us – what a wonderful Saviour we have in Jesus! September brings many fresh starts after the summer break; many church groups restart with renewed vision and anticipation. Children return to school into new classes or, indeed, begin new schools. Life seldom stands still.

A lesson I was taught as a young Christian was that I would never stand still spiritually. I would either progress in my walk with God or I would be moving further away from Him. Something I have found helpful here is to see my life as a whole and not to see it as a series of ‘boxes’ where I jump from one to another during a week or a day. To put it another way, the God who meets me during worship on a Sunday or in my daily quiet time is the God who is present in whatever I’m doing. I need to be aware of this – even as I sit here in the garage waiting for my car that having its MOT!

To discover the presence and blessing of God in the new things happening in our lives and in our church life together is reassuring. He has promised us some amazing things: a never-ceasing flow of His steadfast love; the light of His truth to guide; His strength that transforms our weaknesses and His protection that embraces each securely. The God who supplies our every need is among His people, seeking always to draw us ever closer to Himself.

In September and the months to follow, there will be much that is new – may God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit open our eyes to His glorious presence and may we ever rejoice in His abundant goodness.

We continue to remember in love and hold in prayer those for whom today’s pathways are not what they would wish – may God’s mercy and peace abound to you.

Blessings and Love