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Quiet Word May 2019

The period between Easter and Pentecost is an opportune time for us, as a church and as individuals, to reflect on living in the light of the miracle of Easter. Jesus met with his disciples in different places and times with a number of aims. Some took more than a little convincing that the crucified Saviour was indeed the victorious living Lord back from the dead. It was a time for Jesus to prepare them for the ‘so what’ and ‘what now’ questions. The coming of the Spirit at Pentecost would prove to be the divine presence from heaven opening up a future chapter. The ministry and mission begun by Jesus would, using today’s language, go viral. New believers were unable to hold back the blowing wind of the Spirit. The Gospel journey across new cultures and new generations would continue as the Spirit equipped and spurred them on. This is where we are today. The challenge and need for us is to be propelled by this Pentecostal wind. How incredible and unending is the grace of God!

For many, the month of May spells the beginning of holidays – for others it’s preparing for exam time. For me, it’s Serbia, which, please note, doesn’t quite fit either of these categories! Please pray for the students as we study the Old Testament books of Numbers and Jeremiah. In Numbers, Moses is God’s choice to lead a reluctant and, at times, rebellious people to the Promised Land. Jeremiah is chosen to be God’s mouthpiece in a time of religious and social unrest that was leading unabated to disaster. Both men live within the sovereignty of a powerful God. Both are aware that God’s heartbeat is for his chosen and precious people. In both their ministries there is the anticipation of a God-sent Messiah to make all things new. In different ways the coming of Jesus was like a future bright light shining in their present darkness. No exam or holiday, but the awesome privilege of opening up the Bible.

Let’s pray that the light of Jesus’ presence will shine brightly for all those in the church family whose present journey is being overshadowed by darkness of one sort or other. We lovingly lift you to our gracious Lord.

Blessings and Love