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Quiet Word May 2018

I guess, at one time or another, we have all done it: forgotten or misplaced our keys. The sudden sense of loss can get the adrenaline flowing especially if they are urgently required. In those moments, our brains can fast-forward into panic mode. As long as it hasn’t fallen down a drain, the finding of the lost key soon restores peace and harmony.

On May 20th, we celebrate one of the key aspects of our faith: the person and the coming of the Spirit – Pentecost. What a sensational and glorious day!

The coming of the Spirit in power and gifts, just as Jesus had promised, heralded what some describe as the ‘birthday of the church’. From that day, the Good News of God’s love in Jesus has made a radical impact. On the day itself, 3000 believed and were baptized. Since then, this Good News has made its truth known down through the centuries and across the continents.

The Spirit’s ministry is not just about numbers, he is given to us as a spiritual birthday gift when we turn to, and welcome, Jesus into our lives. The Spirit comes in power to transform our lives so they reflect godliness. He brings assurance that we have been adopted as God’s children, he becomes our ‘Abba’ father. He brings spiritual gifts that equip and direct each so the church family is encouraged and built up. He is like a living guarantee ‘that nothing can ever separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus’ – that our true home is in heaven. The Spirit is God’s gracious gift that becomes the heartbeat of our lives and that of the church family. This one ‘key’ that we must ensure is safe among us and will never be lost or misplaced!

I would value your prayers again this year as I travel to Serbia to teach the books of Numbers and Jeremiah. I appreciate enormously your supportive prayers during this somewhat ‘compact’ ministry week.

As a church family our prayers are for each other and especially those whose lives currently are dogged by pain and sadness – may God’s love and presence be yours in abundance.

Blessings and Love,