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Quiet Word – March 2020

There’s a sense of heightened anticipation when going somewhere for the first time. There’s a sense of comfort when revisiting familiar places. Perhaps it’s me (or my age!) but I am well-content with a mixture of both, side-by-side. March is the month of Lent – a time of preparation leading up to the awe-inspiring realities of Easter. We have passed this way in previous years…..

Lent preparation is more than giving up something – remember that you can still eat chocolate on Sundays, they are not included in Lent! Lent preparation is all about, so it seems to me, spending quality time reflecting on the deep wonder of Good Friday and the glorious reality of Easter Day. The Easter Weekend reveals the heartbeat of God for each of us and for the rest of the world. It shows us that there is no boundary to God’s love – it cannot be restrained or held back. It shows us that God’s power, when challenged, is greater. Our God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is gloriously triumphant!

In Jesus, we have been accepted as children of God. How am I to live in the light of the Sacrifice God made for me: the pain, the darkness and the separation of death and much more that Jesus bore for me? How am I to live in the reality of the risen Jesus who prays for me constantly, whose presence provides, protects and guides me; the One who has defeated my greatest enemy and who assures me of heaven’s welcome eternally?

Lent is not about giving up or going without. Surely, it’s more about allowing God to embrace the whole of me – holding me ever closer as He lovingly transforms the whole of me in the light of Easter. Lent preparation involves humility and awe, truth and worship, trust and submission. What a truly wonderful God we have!

As a family, we pray for the family: for those yet to discover the truth; for young Christians beginning their journey; for ministering Christians active in their mission and for those whose age and health call for a change in direction.

Blessings and Love