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Quiet Word – January 2019

Happy New Year! Well, here we are standing at the dawn of a New Year. What it holds is anybody’s guess. Certainly this is true around the whole issue of Brexit and a new relationship with the European Union. Changes are of course possible in the life of our church family as they are in our own lives and family relationships. Sometimes these changes crash upon us in unforeseen and unwanted in a way that lengthens the darkness of winter.

Other changes will bring new blessings of joy and peace, of delight and love. In all this we just don’t know – but we know One who does.
The Bible reassures us that, not only does God know the precise details, He knows everything, and it all takes place within the loving embrace of His sovereignty. This is something that often goes beyond our immediate understanding. What we do know, however, is that He is with us in the moment-by-moment working out of our lives. The Bible makes it abundantly clear that we are never alone: the Emmanuel, whose birth we have just celebrated, is the Jesus who is always there. So, whatever the New Year brings, we can count on (trust) Jesus to protect and guide, to encourage and bless and to be alongside in unimaginable ways of love.

There are changes afoot on Sunday mornings. For a trial period of three months we are planning to bring closer together Sunday Club and the Morning Service. This means that both will follow the same line of teaching and we will celebrate a Family Service on the second Sunday of the month. Please pray for leaders and children, that these changes will prove to be helpful for all and glorifying to God.

Let us be diligent in prayer as we journey into the New Year and especially holding in love those for whom life changes can be challenging and painful. May the reality of God’s never failing presence hold you in His peace.

Blessings and Love