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Quiet Word – February 2019

One of the things we notice this time of the year is daylight lengthening – it does it roughly at 15 minutes a week. Many of us are aware of how quickly life’s circumstances can change. Maybe it’s an age thing, but nothing seems to stay the same for very long. I’m not suggesting that change is necessarily for the worse, far from it. Change is often accompanied with a sense of adventure: to quote from Joshua,’ we have not passed this way before’.

As followers of Jesus we are committed to a life of spiritual obedience and development. Throughout the Bible, God calls men and women to a deepening relationship with himself and this always involves change. It is always radical, like moving home or life going off in a new direction. Being a Christian always involves ‘travel’. We move on after every quiet time reading of the Bible; after every prayer; after every gathering for worship. In all these ways and many others, God is seeking to grab our attention. His plans and purposes are being laid out for each of us according to his absolute sovereignty and his incredible love and so that his glory is radiated from our lives for his honour.

The challenge, of course, is to be in that place where we can listen and move ever forward to being the people God is wanting us to become and to be doing the things that are on his heart for us. This is not just a personal, individual matter, but a feature of our church family togetherness. Jesus said that his sheep hear his voice and follow him. With God’s help (certainly with his blessing) let’s make February a month of change as we heed his voice.

Sometimes the changes in our lives are unwanted and unlooked for – we pray for those facing these kinds of changes that God will assure them of his presence and love and grant each of them His unshakeable peace.

Blessings and Love