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Quiet Word April 2019

Many years ago, one Easter Day afternoon, I was baptised along with five others. I had become a Christian on the previous Remembrance Sunday. In baptism I was entrusting my life to the Jesus who had shown me on that first Easter, just how much he loved me and how, in a deeply gracious way, was showing me how precious I was to him. Here was someone who had died for me – but not just any someone, He is the Son of God, the Saviour of the world – my Saviour. Here I was, standing on the top step of the baptismal pool, acknowledging my faith in Jesus and promising, with His help, to follow and serve him for the rest of my life. In all this God was opening up for me a whole new way of living – my life would no longer be the same. Obviously, I wasn’t and haven’t been perfect – but what Jesus achieved for me in the Easter event was to change my life radically and to make me a pilgrim on the way to heaven. On this journey, I am by no means alone: Jesus remains my constant companion and has blessed me with an incredible number of fellow pilgrims who are travelling alongside.

The backdrop of my life, and all who follow Jesus, is the Cross and the Empty Tomb. At Easter, we remember Jesus who took our place of judgement by suffering for us on the Cross. At Easter, we celebrate His glorious resurrection from the dead. This is no mere fact of history, it is the heartbeat of all those who follow Jesus. This is the power and victory of love. This is the assurance and security of trust. This is the believer’s peace and hope.

At this Easter time, let us lovingly renew our love and commitment to the God who, in love and commitment to us, gives us all things in giving us Jesus. We remember in love and prayer those whose pathways lie in the shadows of age, ill-health or anxiety – that the risen Jesus might hold us all in His love and peace.

With Easter Blessings and Love