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December 2018

One of the secrets of Christmas is ‘being prepared’. Christmas never seems just to happen; plans and preparations are essential for the Christmas event to run smoothly. If this isn’t true of you and your family in its journey to readiness for the Big Day, it certainly was for heaven and earth on that first Christmas at Bethlehem. God went to great lengths to make full preparation.

These began, believe it or not, with words of promise to Adam and Eve after their calamitous actions in the Garden of Eden. God promised that one day the serpent, whose seduction had led to the birth of human disobedience, would finally be crushed.

From that time on, to individuals like Abraham, to prophets like Isaiah and Micah, the promise was repeated with more detail being added. The Coming One would be great; He would be the Servant of God and the Saviour of the world. The town of Bethlehem and a virgin giving birth to a son are all there – how precious are the promises of God.

Nearer the time, both Joseph and Mary were ‘prepared’ by angel visits. The day was fast approaching. It arrives and finds us around a baby who is lying in a manger in a stable. Standing alongside are shepherds who earlier had been told the news by an army of angels singing their hearts out. Wise-men followed a star and found the real Star of Christmas. Christmas prepared is now Christmas arrived!

What’s behind all this? Quite simply: God showing how much He loves us. Although the event was hundreds of years ago, that love has not receded one little bit. God’s love for us is awesome; it forgives and gives new life; it gives purpose for today and outstanding hope for tomorrow. This, surely, is something to receive and to celebrate.

May God’s love, in the person of Jesus, shine on your life at this Christmas time, in its perfect light and joy and embrace you with heaven’s peace. And this prayer is especially for those whose pathway is not easy.

Christmas Blessings and Love