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December 2017

Some buy new. Some search out what has been used before. Some get nostalgically attached to what has been there in the past. Christmas decorations! For some it’s a leisurely pace. For others it has all the speed and urgency of a sprint race. Christmas preparations! Whatever, it’s a time for celebration as we rejoice in the truth of the miraculous and exciting birth of Jesus, the Son of God.

Did you know that some things that we take for granted in the Christmas story aren’t there at all? The innkeeper and donkey of nativity performances are not mentioned in the biblical account – neither for that matter are the three kings…… What we do know is that his birth actually happened in Bethlehem. We do know that his birth was extra special as the angels filled the night sky with their chorus of “Glory to God in the highest”. We do know that shepherds visited the baby and their lives were transformed. We do know that magi followed the star which led them to the one “born to be king” and worshipped him as they presented their precious gifts.

What we do know is that God sent his Son into the world – our world – so that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

During the last month we thank God for the induction of Robert as Minister in Training and that some of the organisations are reporting encouraging numbers and times. November has also been tinged with sadness because Phyllis, who was so special and precious, has gone to be with Jesus. We thank God for those lovely memories we have and we continue to pray for her family in their loss of a remarkable lady.

Christmas is a special time for us as a church family and we remember in prayer those who are lonely, bereaved, unwell and anxious – that they may know the presence and transforming blessings of the One whose birth we celebrate.

Christmas Blessings and Love,