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April 2018

Gosh! Where did March go? Now April dawns with the joyful celebration of Easter. What a wonderful Saviour we have! The one who left behind the majestic glory of heaven to become a human being, born almost as an outcast with a stable as his maternity unit. His public ministry, lasting just three years, led to his crucifixion and burial. On the third day He is alive – breaking the power of the grave! A little later, Jesus ascended back into heaven and one day promised to return.

Bursting out from these truths there are spiritual realities: the invitation to know this Jesus personally – remember He is alive, of sins forgiven and a new relationship with God. From these truths, also come our lives as followers of Jesus and our life together as a church. As followers of Jesus, we can rest assured in our beds that Jesus has forgiven all our sins: both past and present. Through our faith in him we have been put right with God. We have received the free gift of life, abundant life, and eternal life!

Let’s allow the Easter truths to fill us with assurance. In this assurance, we not only rejoice in who we are – the children of God – but as assurance leads to courage, we confidently proclaim through our lives the Easter Good News. Please join with me in praying that, both individually and as a church family, we will continue to develop our identity as witnesses for Jesus. John Calvin (a theologian and pastor of yesteryear) offered a prayer based on the opening of the Book of Jeremiah that includes, ‘…may we learn to devote ourselves to your service’ and, ‘…that we may strive with united hearts to promote the honour of your name’.

We continue to hold each other in love and prayer and especially those for whom life is difficult, we pray for them and their loved-ones.

Blessings and Love