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A Quiet Word – March 2019

At the end of March – by the way, welcome to March! – we are planning to celebrate the national 20th anniversary of Open the Book. We continue to go as a team once a fortnight into Whitehouse Primary School. There we share Bible stories from both Old and New Testaments. Thank you for your on-going prayers; it is reassuring to know your encouraging support in this important mission opportunity. Please make a note in your diaries: Sunday 31st March 10.30am and plan, if possible, to celebrate with us.

Please let us all be in much prayer for our country as (at the time of writing) the Brexit deadline approaches. In our prayers, let us recognise the sovereignty of our God over the nations of the world; let us pray for righteousness, mercy, justice and truth as we travel into the possible murkiness of the unknown. One of the privileges of the people of God of every age is that of calling upon the Name of the Lord.

I have been reminded again recently that one of the characteristics of God’s loving relationship with his people is that element of being called from where they are to where God is wanting them to be. Examples from the Bible would include Abraham, Moses, Joshua and Jeremiah – there are many others. The question that arises goes something like this: what is our experience today of God’s call upon our individual lives and also upon our life together as a church family? Certainly, something to be explored.

We continue to pray for those going through seasons of ill-health, and their loved-ones – and for those facing unpleasant life changes at this time. May God’s presence, peace and the hope of the Gospel hold you in love.

Blessings and Love