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May 2022 Beacon

You will go out with Joy and be led forth in peace; the
mountains and the hills will burst into song before you… Isaiah
The much-loved film musical, The Sound of Music opens with
the majestic beauty of the Alps, its mountains and alpine
countryside in Austria, with all its valleys, hills, meadows, fields, trees, and
flowers. Maria, the young nun, and lead character, played by actress Julie
Andrews, comes into view and spins around and starts to sing joyfully: “The hills
are alive with the sound of Music.” But when the song ends, Maria is quickly
brought down to earth as she hears the Abbey bells ringing. Oh no – she is late
for evening vespers again! In a panic, she rushes back down the mountainside
to the Abbey and there we learn why she was up there, as she apologies for
being late: “Reverend Mother, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help myself. The hills
were beckoning and… the sky was so blue today… and everything was so green
and fragrant, I had to be a part of it. The Untersberg (mountain) led me higher
like it wanted me to go right through the clouds with it.” We can all relate to
this – we have all felt just like Maria at one time or another. There’s nothing
better on a bright sunny day to “go out with joy” and take in the refreshing air
and experience the clear blue skies, the sun’s radiance, and the beautiful Suffolk
countryside. While there are not many mountains or hills, we do have lots of
green fields, trees, and colourful flowers. As we go out, we are “led forth in
peace” in God’s creation and we can give thanks for all he has made. We can
also be still and draw close to God and can quietly reflect on his ongoing work
in our lives. We can also listen out for the sounds of creation. I wonder when is
the last time you asked a mountain or a hill to accompany you in a song?
Perhaps this is hard for us to imagine because it seems to be, in the words of Mr
Spock, “quite illogical captain.” But just because this might seem silly to us, is it
impossible? There are several places in the Bible where various aspects of
nature are said to give praise to God. Our Bible verse from Isaiah 55 this month
is a prime example. While we may not think that “the mountains and hills will
burst into song…” it’s abundantly clear that Isaiah thought so. While we may not
be able to hear the mountains and hills singing out God’s praises, it doesn’t
mean that they are dormant. I choose to believe that themountains and indeed
“the hills are alive with the sound of Music” and that they, like us, can offer joyful
praise to their creator.

Prayers, blessings, and love