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A Quiet Word – September 2018

I heard the other day that harvest will be earlier this year because of the unusual weather we have been experiencing. Indeed much of the corn harvest has happened. Let’s hope it all slows down as we have booked our Harvest for September 30th – I suppose we could sing a carol or two!

Jesus taught about the kingdom of heaven by using nature and harvest parables: the wonder of growth and the coming time when harvest arrives that will herald in a new way of living after all spiritual blights and evils have been dealt with.

Early in John’s Gospel (chapter 3v34-38), Jesus uses harvest talk to explain to his disciples the purpose for his being here on earth. Here the point is not about an earthly harvest but about Jesus’ mission. For Jesus it was not a question of waiting, the time had come, the moment had been reached. People were open and ready to receive his message of life-giving love, of a God who would forgive the past and make all things new. This good news is for now, it didn’t belong to the past nor was it a kind of promise for the future, it was now and it is the person of Jesus. Here is an apt description of what Jesus still says to his followers: Open your eyes! Look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest!

For us as a church family, there will never be another 2018 Harvest Time. But there is now. It’s here. It’s upon us. Let’s glorify the Saviour for all he has done and continues to do for us, by being obedient to his words.

Please read carefully the church programme for September and note particularly the ‘harvest moments’.

We remember those in the church family in particular need currently – we thank God for great answers to prayers, and for the confidence we have in our loving Father to go on bringing care, support, healing and peace.

Blessings and Love